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Auto Tech Group

Auto Tech Group

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Trust the Auto Tech Group to take care of your vehicle maintenance.

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About Us

About Us

Auto Tech is family owned and managed by Andrew and Mike Goltman. With over 40 years combined customer experience and a personal involvement in the day to day operation of the business you can be assured that your experience is a great one every time you visit us. We are a 5 star graded workshop.

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The Spirit of Robert Bosch

"I have always acted according to the principle that it is better to lose money than trust. The integrity of my promises, the belief in the value of my products and in my word of honour have always had a higher priority to me than transitory profit"

~ Robert Bosch ~

Almost 70 years after his death, the personality of Robert Bosch still makes its mark on our company.



Auto Tech offers an affordable service of the highest standard, giving you peace of mind. Customers benefit from the first class service, expert know how and a range of original equipment quality approved automotive spare parts.

Auto Tech offers major and minor servicing, auto electrical repairs diagnostic testing, braking systems, engine and cylinder head repairs, gearbox and clutch, fleet maintenance, shocks and general repairs.

With the latest diagnostic tools and test equipment and skilled technicians trained on all the latest technologies, Auto Tech is able to pinpoint faults in your car as quickly and accurately as possible

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Core Services

Vehicle Service, Maintenance and Repair.
Vehicle Diagnostics and Fault Finding.
Electrical and Electronic Systems.
Suspension and Drive Train.
Petrol and Diesel Fuel Systems.
Ignition Systems.
Brake, Clutch and Cooling Systems.

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Bryanston Auto Tech

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011 465 3421

079 879 9588

Fourways consolidated to our Bryanston shop to ensure we give you the best service posiible, as we have for the last 9 years.